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The Dogs of Godfreys

30 May 2021 | Johnny Sewell
Hudson 2

One advantage of staying at home is spending more time with our furry friends! To brighten up your day, we're introducing you to some of the dogs that keep our team company.





 This is Kakashi and Hinata, two 10 year old Golden Labradors, originally from South Africa. Our Legal Secretary Sarah Stevenson brought them over to New Zealand when she came over. They love snacks, “snoozles” and long walks on the beach.


Rodg 2Rodg 1

 Rodger is a six month old Huntaway Collie Cross. Originally destined to be a farm dog Rodger is still getting used to city life. In his spare time Rodger loves being energetic, not doing as he’s told, and eating Joyce Bennett-Longley’s favourite possessions.


Hudson 2Hudson 1


And finally Hudson! Hudson is a 5 month old Cavoodle (a hybrid of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle). Hudson’s favourite activities are hanging out with his friends including Millie Yarrall our Law Clerk, chasing the cat, and posing for his Instagram.

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Johnny Sewell

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Often lurking in the background, Johnny plays an important role in keeping Godfreys running.

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