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Gifting Money To First Home Buyers

7 April 2019

We’re hearing more often from parents wanting to help their children get on the property ladder by giving them money towards a house deposit. Before you do, here's what you need to know.

Gifting Assets To Family

7 April 2019

Later in life, you may want to gift money or assets to family members while you are still alive. But, that may impact on your retirement plans.

Buying Your First Home

7 April 2019

Before you take the plunge and sign up to buy your next property, have you had a lawyer look at all the contracts and fine print?

Reverse Mortgages

4 April 2019

What happens if you run out of money later in life? You may benefit from a reverse mortgage.

Penalties Around Restructuring And Redundancies

4 April 2019

There are a number of mistakes employers make when businesses look to wind down teams, restructure and/or make people redundant. Here's how to avoid them.

90 Day Trial Period Penalities

4 April 2019

What happens if you try dismissing an employee under the 90 Day Trial after May 2019?