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Debt collection doesn't have to be as scary as you think it is

12 May 2022 | Sally Cunneen

Three things you may not know about debt collection

What is a legal executive?

26 April 2022 | Philip Sewell

What is a legal executive and why are they important in a law firm?
Get to know what a legal executive does and read a bit more about our legal execs in this article.

So you have a Will, can it be challenged in any way?

13 April 2022 | Maddy Currie

After you pass away there is the potential for your Will to be challenged. A will is a highly important document and must be drafted properly to avoid challenges to your estate

What is a will and what are the consequences if I do not have one?

12 April 2022 | Maddy Currie

Setting up a Will is simpler, and less stressful for your loved ones when you pass away. Having a Will is the only way to ensure your wishes are followed and the people you love are provided for.

Things to consider when buying your own business

31 March 2022 | Brad McDonald

We talked to Derek Lough, partner at ABC Business Brokers in Christchurch. He outlined some key points to consider when thinking about purchasing your own business.

Covid-19 update and impact on the Employment sector

29 March 2022 | Sally Cunneen

The regulations surrounding COVID-19 are fast-changing and employers and business owners are faced with the difficult task of trying to keep up.