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Commercial cash flow

4 December 2023 | Sally Cunneen

It’s great to be busy in December in the run up, but the lifeblood of business is cash, so even if you are frantic in the period leading up to Christmas, it’s not much use if you are not getting paid!

Celebrating with 3 big announcements!

4 December 2023

We recently celebrated a triple effort!

Disputed estates - why should charities get so much?

20 November 2023 | Philip Sewell

Occasionally we see wills where the money is to go to charities. Sometimes it is just a small amount, for example a few thousand dollars, but once in a while, it's a lot more.

Vacation Separation

19 November 2023 | Philip Sewell

Godfreys Law are great supporters of car checks, sunscreen and buoyancy aids, but what about relationships?

Real People. Real Solutions. Real easy to understand.

17 November 2023 | Philip Sewell

People say all sorts of things about lawyers...

Brad McDonald – Notary Public

7 November 2023 | Steph Bewley

Along with being a Solicitor Brad has successfully been accepted and sworn in as a Notary Public.