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Giving With A Warm Hand

18 June 2019

What does it mean to give with a warm hand? While many people leave bequests in their Will to be distributed after their death, to give with a warm hand means gifting money while you’re alive.

Success in Succession - Trading Places

18 June 2019

At some stage in your life you may move from independent living into residential assisted care. There are a few options available, so what might that look like?

First Home Buyers Package

31 May 2019

To help First Home Buyers, we offer a set fixed fee on your property transaction. When it comes to buying your first home there is a lot to consider, so we're making it easy to budget legal expenses.

Employment Agreements and Mental Health

30 May 2019

The biggest employment issue facing Christchurch and New Zealand in the next ten years is going to be the spectrum of mental health, and mental illness in the workplace. How can we face it?

Mental Health and Illness in the Workplace

30 May 2019

If you don’t have specific clauses in your employment agreement relating to mental health and mental illnesses, it’s your responsibility to become aware of what your rights and responsibilities are as

Property Co-ownership

30 May 2019

Co-owning property can be beneficial but can also cause serious problems if not managed carefully. We recommend everyone looking to buy property together enter into a Co-ownership Agreement.