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Will Elon Musk be forced to buy Twitter?

18 July 2022 | Andrew "Andy" Ogilvie

If you’ve opened the newsfeed of any social media recently, you’ll know that Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Unless he’s not? Oh, now they’re all suing each other? Andy Ogilvie explains what's going on.

A rundown on terms of trade for businesses

11 July 2022 | Andrew "Andy" Ogilvie

It’s essential that your business has written terms to show what you and your customers have agreed to.

Beware the heat of the moment: an impulsive resignation may hurt you

6 July 2022 | Brad McDonald

Despite taking a more empathising approach to mental health and wellbeing, modern workplaces can still be stressful but it is often better to stand aside and cool down.

Recovering Debt

1 July 2022 | Sally Cunneen

Cash flow is king and the life blood of any business. Big or small, all businesses rely on money coming in, so they can pay creditors, and keep the wheels turning. But what happens when it's not?

Property Co-ownership

21 June 2022 | Kate Montu

Co-owning property can be beneficial but can also cause serious problems if not managed carefully. We recommend everyone looking to buy property together enter into a Co-ownership Agreement.

Congratulations Kate!

14 June 2022

All the team at Godfreys Law want to wish Kate Montu, our newest solicitor, a huge congratulations on her recent admission to the bar!