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When I get older, losing my hair…

9 April 2024 | Philip Sewell

A large chunk of NZ’s population is now over the age of 64 – and it is amusing to consider what the songwriter thought we might be doing at this age...

So what's the deal with retirement villages?

9 April 2024 | Charles Mullins

Retirement villages have hit the news quite a bit recently in relation to the contract that they have with their residents. So whats the deal?


26 March 2024 | Charles Mullins

We take risks all the time. Driving a car to the supermarket can be a risk, riding a bike there is even more of a risk.

Sally's scholarship

13 March 2024

Congratulations to Sally Cunneen from Godfreys Law for being awarded the Professional Services Leadership Academy scholarship for New Zealand in 2024.

Welcoming Denese

12 March 2024 | Denese Marshall

Introducing Phoebe

11 March 2024 | Phoebe Ingersoll