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Helping You Buy and Sell Property For Over 120 Years

5 December 2019

In one way or another, Godfreys Law has been helping Cantabrians buy and sell property for over 120 years. We weren’t always called Godfreys Law of course, and you can find out more about the history of our firm here.

Recently we have been digitising our client records. Many law firms were caught out after the Canterbury Earthquakes when either their buildings were damaged or they weren’t allowed back in. So many paper documents like Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Land Deeds and the like were lost. Having digital records of all our client documents securely stored in the cloud means that whatever happens to Christchurch or to our building, we can always access your information.

A Piece of Christchurch’s History

As we were going through some of our older records, Partner at Godfreys Law, Philip Sewell, came across an old deed of purchase for a parcel of land in Christchurch from 1894.

Everything is handwritten in the most elegant cursive writing. It would have taken whoever wrote it an absolute age, because they probably would have made multiple copies. There’s a lot of detail over multiple pages, each stapled together and covered in stamps. It’s very difficult for us in this modern age to make sense of it all.

By comparison, the modern system of property titles is fully computerised. It’s much easier to access and to read, but there is still a lot of skill needed in checking a property title. Our team are highly experienced at property conveyancing. Whether you're a First Home Buyer, or you've been on the property ladder for some time, we're here to help you buy or sell your next home.

Property Conveyancing Issues

A lot of titles are fairly simple, but it’s when you face some tricky issues that you need a lawyer with property conveyancing experience. For example, when you’re buying a property you need to know that the title is in the name of the person who’s selling it to you. Is it even the right piece of property, or is it the place next door that they also own? If there are easements, like a shared driveway, do they give you the enjoyment of the property that you need?

Is the property on a Cross Lease title? You may have heard of the term, but do you know what it means, especially when it comes to enjoying your home in the future? Sometimes there can be technical defects, but do they matter?

Experienced Property Lawyers

Believe it or not, we have helped our clients face all of these issues before. We’re experienced at dealing with them and can make sure you have as many of the facts as possible when it comes to buying or selling property. 

For experience dealing with titles, knowing what matters and what doesn’t, and to work with a firm who has been helping Cantabrians buy and sell property for over 120 years, contact Godfreys Law today on 03 366 7469.

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