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Giving Back To Our Community

5 December 2019

One of our core values at Godfreys Law is that we give back to our community within Christchurch and wider Canterbury.

This means everyone within our law firm donates their time or expertise, either through pro bono charitable work or volunteering for an organisation.

Donating Our Time

Godfreys Law is on the rosters for both Community Law Canterbury and Citizens' Advice Bureau. Each one of us spends some volunteering for each of these organisations giving free legal advice. Most of the time, people want to understand their rights and options, or understand if they have a case they should pursue further.

Working With Charities

Partner at Godfreys Law, Brad McDonald is a trustee of Life Education Trust Canterbury which delivers a fantastic educational programme to primary schools and intermediates around the Canterbury region with Harold the Giraffe. Life Education Trust Canterbury empowers kids, teaching them how to make healthy and safe choices in life.

Brad is also involved with Korowai Trust which runs the Youth 298 Health Centre, providing pro bono legal advice and services.

Empowering Christchurch Youth

Both Life Education Trust Canterbury and Korowai Youth Trust 298 are important to Brad because he’s always had a firm belief that society is only as good as how it treats its weakest members. Youth in Christchurch and around the world can be vulnerable for many different reasons.

Growing up can be difficult, and Brad remembers the challenges he faced in particular when his parents separated. It’s easy for young people to become lost, to fall between the cracks of the care and wellbeing they’re entitled to, or for them to go off the rails entirely and pose a bigger problem to society.

“It’s really important to me personally that I give something back,” says Brad, “and that I find this place a little bit better than when I came into it. At least, I feel like I need to make a contribution towards those who have gone before and the great things they’ve done.”

It’s important that we give our time, expertise and skill, to help make Christchurch and Canterbury as great a place as we can for everyone to live and find equal opportunities in life. Both Korowai Youth Trust 298 and Life Education Trust Canterbury are providing the young people of Christchurch and Canterbury with the tools they need to make the best go of life, and to achieve their goals and aspirations.

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