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Elder Law / Power of Attorney

Do you feel confident that others will know how to look after you and your property if you become unable to do so? Will they do it well?

There may come a time when you are unable to make or communicate decisions yourself, and it is crucial that someone you trust knows how you want your life and property handled.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

One way to protect yourself and your property when you’re unable to do so is to appoint someone to act on your behalf. Giving a trusted person Enduring Powers of Attorney, or EPA , means they have the authority to look after you and your affairs should you lose your capacity to make or communicate decisions.

There are two types of EPA's. One is in relation to your assets and the other is in relation to your personal care and welfare. We can help you prepare the paperwork, and discuss your decisions and their consequences with your family and advisors.

PPPR Act Applications

What can you do if someone you love loses their mental capacity, but has no Enduring Powers of Attorney in place? Under the Protection of Personal Property Right Act (PPPR), you can apply to the Family Court to be appointed as a Welfare Guardian or Property Manager.

Becoming a Welfare Guardian or Property Manager allows you to manage their affairs for them. You can even apply for power to do a new Will for them. We can help you complete all the paperwork needed by the Family Court and give you advice on your situation.

Moving To A Retirement Village

For many people, the decision to sell your home and move into a retirement village is understandably a difficult one. We can help you and your family understand the process, as well as financial implications of moving into a retirement home, so you can make an informed decision about your proposed change in lifestyle.

Most retirement villages in Christchurch rely on an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) which protects one's right to occupy a unit, on closely detailed terms. There is a lot of detail to check, understand and be sure about – and this is where a lawyer experienced in dealing with ORAs is essential.

Purchasing a unit in a retirement village must be seen as a lifestyle decision rather than an investment, because of an inability to borrow against the unit, and the possibility of considerable extra costs. We can meet with you and your family to make sure everyone understands their rights and responsibilities.

Funeral Trusts

When someone passes away, the last thing you want to think about is paying bills. Unfortunately, when administering some estates, money isn’t always available when you need it.

We can help you create a funeral trust, so when the time comes, your family doesn’t need to worry about paying for your funeral.

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