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While it may not be a pleasant thought, it’s important to spend time making a Will and getting your affairs in order before you pass away.

Nominating an executor to administer your estate makes carrying out your wishes and tidying up your affairs after you’re gone more straightforward, and much less traumatic for your family.

Estate Administration

The process of managing an estate starts when you, or your loved one dies, and ends when that person's assets have been distributed, according to their Will. If you haven’t made a will, the law dictates who is entitled to share your estate.

Settling Affairs

In the early stages of estate administration, we can help you apply for probate (or letters of administration if required), work with banks, share brokers and insurance companies to close accounts and collect on policies.

Jointly owned assets like property do not form part of the estate. For example, if a couple own their family home and one of them dies, ownership of the home will go to the surviving partner. It’s important to let us know if you own property together so we can transfer the title into your name.

Estate Claims

We will safely secure any assets, and hold the funds in our trust account for a minimum of six months. This protects an estate’s executors or administrators, who may be held personally liable to settle any claims or challenges to your will or estate.

Once all debts are settled, we will distribute everything according to your wishes as set out in your will.

We recognize this is a difficult time for your friends and family. They deserve to be treated with empathy and compassion while we handle the sensitive subject of managing and distributing your estate.

We Deliver Our Services Compassionately

Our priority is making this complicated process as smooth and stress free for your loved ones during this time of grief and loss. We’ll carry out your wishes, while keeping your beneficiaries fully informed throughout the process.

Real people. Real solutions.

Take care of matters today, and give your loved ones peace of mind after you’ve gone.

To safeguard and preserve your wishes, contact Godfreys Law on 03 366 7469 and ask us about getting your estate in order and completing a Will or living Will.