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Sally originally joined our team as a law clerk while studying and she quickly made herself invaluable to the team at Godfreys. Since gaining her Practising Certificate in November 2020, Sally has been a key member of our Commercial and Employment Law teams.

Key practice areas of interest to Sally include litigation matters and court work. Those interests resulted in her working closely with our Associate Andy Ogilvie on court matters. She has also begun work on developing her own debt collection practice, working closely with individuals and businesses to help them reclaim money they are owed.

Sally has also recently begun to extend her legal practice into the Employment Law field. Encompassing both drafting and reviewing Individual Employment Agreements and assisting with resolving Employment Relationship issues.

Further to her legal career, Sally has also recently taken a role speaking on local radio station RDU, providing legal advice on air on the Monday morning Breakfast show. She enjoys the opportunity to convey her bubbly personality and help provide general advice on a practical level.

Boxing takes up most of Sally’s spare time, she often spends her weeknights and weekends training and competing in amateur boxing tournaments. Sally also enjoys spending time with her family and, when she can find the time, she loves to engage her artistic side and paint.



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