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Commercial Law

Businesses run on trust, partnerships and contracts. If one of these gets broken, or a company gets misused, you need a way to effectively settle commercial disputes before they become personal

Most commercial disputes are resolved by finding an agreement out of court.

Whether you feel you have been wronged, or claims have been brought against you, Godfreys Law have the mediation and litigation expertise to negotiate for you towards a successful resolution.

Our Expert Commercial Lawyers can Assist with the Following Areas:

  • Contract Law
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Insolvency

Contract Law

What happens if one side doesn't hold up their end of the bargain? Whether a supplier fails to deliver goods or services, a former employee breaks a non-compete agreement, or a business partnership breaks down, our Contract Legal Team works on your behalf to right the imbalance.

From mediating disagreements to negotiating settlements, Godfreys Law can take action in resolving your contract disputes without recourse to the courts. Our Lawyers consider all options to help you get a successful resolution, while you achieve quicker legal outcomes through expert litigation and mediation.

Shareholder Agreements

A well-crafted shareholders agreement or company constitution will usually outline a clear dispute resolution process, which can save a lot of stress and time down the track.

Our Commercial Law Team can recommend a number of strategies to help both sides part ways on mutually agreed terms, such as an agreed buyout of shares.

Unless another shareholder has acted unlawfully, or a director has breached their duties, you may not have grounds to go to court to settle your dispute. In extreme cases where neither party can agree to a settlement, liquidation may be an option.


If business isn’t going so well, you may be facing receivership, liquidation and potentially bankruptcy. Seeking experienced legal advice at the first sign of financial difficulty is the best solution.

Filing for Voluntary Administration through the courts can grant your business time to find financial solutions. Other legal solutions like creditors proposals or summary instalment orders can help you settle disputes and debts while allowing you to remain in business.

Real businesses. Real solutions.

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As going to court can be a very costly and drawn out process, more Christchurch businesses are settling their commercial disputes through alternative means of dispute resolution.

At loggerheads in a business dispute?

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