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When I get older, losing my hair…

9 April 2024 | Philip Sewell

When I get older, losing my hair…

A large chunk of NZ’s population is now over the age of 64 – and it is amusing to consider what the songwriter thought we might be doing at this age -  “you can knit a sweater by the fireside” and “yours sincerely wasting away”.

This song came from Paul McCartney when he was about 15. Maybe this helps explain why the song takes such a strange view of  “late middle aged” people (yes, that’s what we are!). Even the age of 74 doesn’t fit well with this song – perhaps its more about “when I’m 84”. People in their 60s are still vital, busy and engaged – and same with most people in their 70s and many people in their 80s. The song is an ageist view of the world, one which we know is wrong!

So get out there and live life to the full!  Paul McCartney is now 81 and he is doing it!

One of the driving principles in the statute which creates Enduring Powers of Attorney is that people should have the right to make their own decisions as long as possible (if they are able) no matter how old they are. The right to self determination is critical to the dignity of all people whether 80 years young or middle aged. The lawyers at Godfreys Law support these important rights – we don’t allow our clients to be bulldozed into other solutions, just because  our clients  might be “getting older and losing their hair”!


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Philip Sewell


Client-focused solutions and speed of delivery are important features of Philip's practice. He has been in the law for over 30 years - some would say this is too long, but he considers that it gives him a breadth of experience which is more important than technical knowledge alone.

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