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26 March 2024

We take risks all the time. Driving a car to the supermarket can be a risk, riding a bike there is even more of a risk.

As lawyers we can’t help with those kind of risks but there are many other risks we help clients with. We can help clients assess their risks, find ways to spread the risks, or avoid them altogether. Our job is to know where the risks lie and advise on the pitfalls in what the client is doing. 

If you go to an auction there is a risk you will be unsuccessful but if you win the auction and you haven’t done your due diligence, got your lawyer to look at the contract, checked the title and the LIM - then the risk is far higher.

And when it comes to paying the money, No one should just pay the vendor directly, you don’t want to take that risk. Rather you pay your lawyer who makes sure you get the house when you pay your money across.

So if you are thinking of a new venture, there will be risks.

We can help identify and navigate these for you.

Real people. Real solutions. Reality of risks.