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Vacation Separation

19 November 2023 | Philip Sewell
relationship advice lawyer

At this time of year there is normally a lot of really good advice in blogs like this. Other firms will tell to get your car checked before the holiday or remember to put on sunscreen; or to be sensible when boating. There are so many things that can go wrong, especially when we are in different places from normal, doing different activities. Being at the office is a comparatively safe option compared to learning to paddle your SUP in the surf!

Godfreys Law are great supporters of car checks, sunscreen and buoyancy aids – but we are also conscious of relationship risk during the break. None of us wants to experience “vacation separation”!  To avoid this you will need more than sunscreen and life jackets – and some new ideas and attention to those nearest and dearest around you is  vital. It is easy for lawyers to focus on the disaster at the other end and typically our advice is all about that. But here are some hot tips on not reaching that point:

  • Changing your routine and having a morning walk or coffee together
  • Practise listening, not jumping in with solutions
  • Go for a walk at twilight
  • Get takeaways and have your evening meal at the beach/river/up the hill
  • Talk about next year’s plans together

Godfreys Law – you don’t want us putting on your sunscreen but we can help with sorting relationship issues. 

Real people. Real solutions.

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Philip Sewell


Client-focused solutions and speed of delivery are important features of Philip's practice. He has been in the law for over 30 years - some would say this is too long, but he considers that it gives him a breadth of experience which is more important than technical knowledge alone.

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