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17 November 2023 | Philip Sewell
Lawyer english

People say all sorts of things about lawyers - including that:

  • They cannot understand what we are talking about
  • That we use too much verbiage
  • That we use two words when one would have done

Using two words is a great favourite of lawyers everywhere. 

You’ve all heard these phrases before like:

  • Null and void
  • Due and payable
  • Cease and desist
  • Fair and equitable
  • Terms and conditions
  • True and correct

For most of those one word would have been enough. For example, instead of “Terms and Conditions”, the word “Terms” is fine.

At Godfreys Law we try to keep things simple and understandable. No Latin, no hereinbefores or whatsoevers and hopefully, not too many of those two word phrases.

For advice that people  can understand without them needing their own law degree, think about a referral to the team at Godfreys Law.

Real People. Real Solutions. Real easy to understand.

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Article by:

Philip Sewell


Client-focused solutions and speed of delivery are important features of Philip's practice. He has been in the law for over 30 years - some would say this is too long, but he considers that it gives him a breadth of experience which is more important than technical knowledge alone.

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