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Relationship Property

Whether you’re planning for your future, or need to resolve a current relationship matter, Godfreys Law is ready to help. Our Relationship Property lawyers can offer expert advice and guidance for issues that arise at the beginning, during and at the end of relationships, from asset protection, prenuptial or contracting out agreements, to separations, divorces and division of relationship property. 

What is relationship property?

Relationship property includes the family home and family chattels, but can also include debts, superannuation, shares and investments.

Each relationship is unique, and we offer legal advice specifically tailored to your needs, so we can focus on achieving the best outcome for you. Our team will guide through any issues, and endeavour to make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Contracting Out Agreements

Not everyone wants the family home, vehicles and household contents divided equally if a relationship fails. Luckily the law allows couples to contract out of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 but to do this you need a written (pre-nup) agreement and good legal advice. Contracting out agreements can be made at any time during the course of your relationship, and can last for a set period, or for the duration of the relationship.

These agreements can be particularly important in the instance:

  • When entering the relationship, one or both parties have significant separate property
  • If when purchasing relationship property, the parties contribute unequally
  • There is a second or subsequent relationship that may impact the relationship property

If you are concerned about what might happen to your assets if a relationship fails, contact Godfreys and we can draft a contracting out agreement for you.

Separation Agreements

If you are facing the breakdown of your relationship it is important to get good advice on what you are entitled to from the pool of property and help with dividing the pool up. A separation agreement is the agreed that you reach between you and your ex-partner recording who gets what of the relationship property that you had built up over the course of your relationship.  Our goal, as trusted advisors, is to guide you through the process of protecting your assets and to get you set up for the next phase of your life. We will explain the process to you without any complicated legal jargon and assist you in selecting the appropriate tools and strategies. 

Need assistance?

Whether you need a contracting out relationship agreement or a divorce lawyer, our relationship property team is here to help. 

Get in touch with Charles or Raaj, to arrange a time to work through all of your relationship property needs.

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