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Commercial Property

Are you a landlord, commercial tenant, or looking to buy or sell your commercial property?

Whether you're trying to preserve the value of your asset or seeking the right premises for your Christchurch business, Godfreys Law can help.

Commercial Leases

Before Signing a Commercial Lease

So you've found a good piece of commercial real estate, but do you know what you're signing up for? If you're looking to lease, then we can review your leasing agreement, demystify commercial property law and, make sure you're aware of your rights and obligations. 

For example, if you make alterations to the commercial property you're leasing (ie. installing partitions, or adding a customer service counter), are you expected to restore everything when your lease ends? If there are any reinstatement clauses or other expectations in your commercial lease, we make sure you know about them before you sign. 

Preparing a Commercial Lease

As a commercial property owner, do you know if your lease agreement covers your responsibilities under the application legislation? Does your commercial lease accurately outline what you expect from your tenants? Are you using a free, generic commercial lease agreement that you found online?

If you want the ability to enforce clauses when tenants step out of line, you need a customised commercial lease, tailored to your property. Our experience with Christchurch's commercial property sector means we can actively reduce your exposure to risk, saving you time and energy while protecting your investment. 


Buying or Selling Commercial Property

Looking to buy, sell or develop commercial property? Godfreys Law can work with your bank or mortgage broker to move your project to the next step. Working with your accountant, our due diligence and checking the fine print of your purchase or sale agreements will ensure that your next transaction is a smooth one. 

Real businesses. Real solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Advice and Expertise

Commercial property investments require sound decisions based on professional advice. The sooner you seek that advice, the better. 

Whether you want the right structure to venture into the commercial property market, need help with dispute resolution, or even dealing with local authority issues, Godfreys is Christchurch's most experienced Commercial Property Legal team. 

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