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29 May 2024 | Kymberlee Dobson
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Kymberlee is a volunteer for Dress for Success, and she has always been passionate about women supporting other women in everything they do. We live in a tough world where she has seen so many instances of women having their entire world turned upside down in a minute with very little support. They have no self-confidence let alone self-worth and having to start again to get out into the workforce is terrifying. Then there are the young women who are stepping out into the world with no qualifications, little to no self-esteem or confidence who need our help as well. She believes in Queens supporting Queens. Everyone deserves to have that confidence they need to go sell themselves to their prospective employers and generally, just feel good about themselves!

Dress for Success is a worldwide organisation which supports women to find and keep work. They provide clothing suitable for your job interview and work, job-seeking advice and skills, and ongoing employment support. 

Dress for Success relies on donations of clothing, handbags, shoes, dress jewellery to dress our women. The quality of donations we receive from local women are wonderful. Recently Kymberlee collected a brand new pair of boots from the Hornby Mall (we have collection lockers sprinkled around the mall) with a lovely note attached.

Not only does Dress for Success dress women for job interviews, but they also provide career advice, help with CV’s and provide Aroha packages to women in need. A lot of NZ companies give very generous donations of items such as cosmetics and toiletries. Nothing gets wasted – they hold 2-3 sales a year with the sales proceeds being used to run their career coaching and work readiness programmes. They accept good quality casual gear as well, as these items all go into their sales. 

Christchurch has two paid staff members and the rest of the team are all volunteers. They are all in it for the same reason, building Queens up, empowering them to believe they are a Queen, they can do anything, and they will survive! 

So! If you are clearing out your wardrobe and you come across items that are still good quality, they can be dropped off at a Maxwells Drycleaners, the lockers in Hornby Mall and at Rolleston Square between Industria Store and Pure Collective, plus one beside Viva La Moda. They will be gratefully received. Orrrr, you can email and she will come and collect your donations from your work, if that is an easier option. Godfreys colleagues recently had a donation drive and Kymberlee's little car loaded up with amazing clothes, shoes, and handbags. A lot of the donations were brand new with tags still attached as some of our colleagues and their Mums are well known shopaholics who suffer buyers’ remorse, which is a total gain for the women coming through Dress for Success!   

Real people. Real solutions. Real charity.

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Article by:

Kymberlee Dobson

Registered Legal Executive

Becoming a Legal Executive in 2005 meant a change in career for Kymberlee from public service. She knew she was good at finding solutions and practical outcomes for various issues, plus she wanted to be a positive force in her community and felt that a career as a Legal Executive was the perfect role for doing what she was good at. Kymberlee studied part time while working and taking care of her family.

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