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Family Law

At those difficult moments in your life, you need someone you can rely on for sound advice and confidential support.

Whether filing for divorce, adoption, or child custody arrangements, our lawyers are part of your team, helping you access the family justice system in Christchurch with sensitivity for your situation.

Whether you want help working out your own arrangements without going to court, or you need the Family Court to settle disputes for you, we are here to support you in settling your private matters.

There are a number of matters to take into consideration if your relationship has ended or there are disputes about your children's care.

As lawyers we see ourselves as part of a team in assisting you accessing the family justice system in a confidential and sensitive manner.

A wide range of support is available at Godfreys Law depending on your needs.

Separation and Divorce

Ending a relationship can be difficult, especially if only one of you wants to separate. We can help with all areas around this sensitive topic, from preparing and filing the Dissolution Order paperwork necessary for a divorce, to helping you divide your property, and creating separation agreements so there are no misunderstandings.

Where possible, we can negotiate with your ex-partner’s lawyer on your behalf, or we can represent you in Family Court if a private settlement cannot be reached.

Domestic Violence

If you’re in danger or need immediate help, call 111 and ask for the police.
The police can provide Safety Orders for your protection while we prepare court Protection Orders, both of which stop the offender from contacting you.

A person does not have to live with you for their actions to be considered domestic abuse. They could be a friend or relative who you have a close domestic relationship with. If someone who is not close to you is making you fear for your safety, we can help you apply for a Restraining Order instead.

Parenting Orders

While separating can be stressful, looking after your children will be one of your main concerns.

If you can both agree on care arrangements, we can formalize them into a Consent Order. That means your agreement can be enforced if your partner doesn’t keep to their side of the deal.

Where parents or guardians can’t agree on how you’ll care for your children, we can mediate and negotiate privately with your ex-partner’s lawyer, or through Family Court channels.

Real families. Real solutions.

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Your safety and confidentiality are our top priority in all Family Law matters. For more information around divorce, parenting orders and child custody arrangements, you can talk in confidence to one of our Family Law experts. Contact the team at Godfreys Law on 03 366 7469.